Andalusian horse and culture

Andalusian Horse and Culture

This is a seven night, six day programme that combines Dressage Lessons or Trail Riding with Cultural Excursions to Jerez, Seville, Carmona and Cordoba.

Guests have the option of five group Dressage Lessons OR four Trail Rides (approximately 8 to 10 hours trail riding), across the week. Whichever you choose, your week will be interspersed with visits to some of the most beautiful and historical heritage sites in Andalusia.

The group Dressage Lessons Option (group lessons are typically made up of two to three riders at a similar level and never more than four) are designed to help riders improve their confidence, skills and abilities whilst following Classical Dressage principles. Lessons are progressive, safe, fun and very informative. You will feel your riding and knowledge develop as the week progresses.

If you choose the Trail Ride Option, you will enjoy riding through the stunning Andalusian countryside that surrounds Epona. You will ride through fields of wheat, sunflowers and cotton, through olive groves and past historical Hacienda’s and Roman remains with nothing other than bird song and the breeze rustling through the crops to disturb your thoughts.

During your stay you will enjoy Cultural Excursions to the heart of Carmona, Seville, Jerez and Cordoba.

Our weight limit for this programme is 95kg.

This programme can only be offered for groups of a minimum of 5 (maximum 12) including non-riders. Epona will offer set dates so you can join a group or you can make up a group with friends and partners and choose a week. In this second case, we can tailor the programme if you wish to make some changes. (see further info on this at the end of the itinerary description).

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed for those who are passionate about horses and who wish to learn more about the Spanish horse, (also known as the Andalusian or PRE), but equally want to learn about and visit as much of Andalusia as possible during their stay.

This programme is ideal if you have a non-riding companion travelling with you.

It is ideal for those who feel that they are not yet riding fit enough for more than one ride a day.

Typically, our Cultural Programme riders are adults, with no upper age restriction.

The Trail Ride option suits riders who are comfortable in steady trots and occasional balanced canters, on well mannered but responsive horses, along open trails.

It is also suitable for beginners who want to take it easy on steady trail rides with an option not to canter, or if preferred, participate in confidence building lessons.

Please note: If you are not yet comfortable or confident riding along open trails in rising trot and canter, let us know in advance. We can arrange a bespoke trail riding experience for you.

The Dressage Lesson option is suitable for riders of all levels as we can split the groups accordingly.

Many of our Cultural Programme riders want to enjoy a deeper appreciation of the history and culture that makes this region of Andalusia what is is.

After all, Andalusia is where the Spanish Horse, Flamenco and Sherry originated!

Our weight limit for this programme is 95kgs.

Please note: Our advanced dressage horses are reserved for our pure dressage programmes so we can’t guarantee these will be available for this programmes lessons.  

What is involved?

Where do you stay

Your accommodation is in a 4* hotel, complete with a swimming pool, nestled in the nearby medieval town of Carmona, one of the famous white villages of Andalucia.

Carmona is the oldest continuously inhabited town in Europe and as you stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, you will feel and breathe the spirits of ancient cultures (Iberians, Visigoths, Phoenicians, Romans, Moors), in the innumerable examples of their architectural influence in the churches, towers, palaces and mansions as well as in the inherited customs.

Carmona is one of Europe’s hidden gems and is a destination in its own right. You will never tire of wandering the streets and will discover that its timeless beauty changes from sunrise to sunset. At night, Carmona takes on a magical glow that will leave you spellbound. With more than fifty small cafes and bars, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to a bite to eat or a refreshing drink.

Daily Itinerary and Cost

Airport and Train Station Transfers

Epona offers complimentary transfers to and from the Seville train station at pre-set times.

Arrivals on Sunday

Departures from the hotel on Sunday only

To train station or airport:

If you require a different departure time or day from the hotel to the airport or train station, please let us know, and we can organise a taxi for you. You will pay the driver in person and the transfer time is usually less than 25 minutes to both the airport and the station.

Why choose Epona

Horses for all levels | Epona Spain

Horses for all levels

Our large number of highly trained horses and well thought out programmes, enable us to accommodate beginners through to advanced riders.

Professional instructors | Epona Spain

Professional Instructors

Our qualified instructors bring a wealth of riding and training experience to the lessons.

Family business | Epona Spain

Family business

Personal and close attention from the García family, will make you feel like a valued guest and friend.

World class facilities | Epona Spain

World class facilities

Top class facilities (including covered arena) and ancient trail riding routes, are complemented by luxury accommodation in the medieval town of Carmona.

Cultural experience | Epona Spain

Cultural experience

Our programmes combine riding with the historical, cultural and scenic experiences our unique location offers.

Ideal riding holiday climate | Epona Spain

Ideal riding holiday climate

We enjoy an average of 300 days of sunshine.

Unique in Spain | Epona Spain

Unique in Spain

The only riding holiday centre in Spain officially approved by the British horse society.

35 Years | Epona Spain

35 years

We offer 35 years of uninterrupted experience in hosting and training riding holiday guests from around the world.


Katy Tudor | Testimonial | Epona Spain

Katy Tudor

Testimonials | Epona Spain

Intensive training

Came back from our 10th visit in March, and plan to go back next year. Need I say more, it´s just the most amazing place.

Helen James | Testimonial | Epona Spain

Helen James

Testimonials | Epona Spain

Dressage Clinic with Rafael Soto

Fernando, Jane, Caty, Vivi, this has been the best trip I have ever taken, everything was perfect, the horses, the land and the hospitality.

Peter Choong | Testimonial | Epona Spain

Peter Choong

Testimonials | Epona Spain

Classical dressage and High School training

Could it get any better? Great horses, fantastic instructor, wonderful meals and a real family feel. A gem to be treasured.

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