INICIO, EPONA - Equestrian Center


We do welcome families as we have some ponies and small horses, however we must remind you that our programmes are essentially designed for adults and there are a few points we would like you to be aware of, before you book in with children. We must primarily take into consideration the other adults taking part in the programme.

Also, the children’s programme will vary slightly from the adults’ one. Young children spend more time in classes and take shorter trail rides, according to their ability. We also encourage them to take part in the practical care of their pony. The BEACH RIDE is not suitable for children under the age of twelve and participation in this ride will be decided after we have assessed the riding ability of older children.

We do not have specific entertainment facilities for children, only those provided for the adults. We cannot guarantee a child minding service while parents are off riding, though we do the best we can and if children are left in our care, parents can be sure that they will be well supervised. We do offer a 20% discount for children (a document proving the child’s age will be requested when booking, to benefit from this discount) under twelve to facilitate the participation of families in a common activity, but we request parents to please take full responsibility for their children’s actions with regards to the care of our accommodation and facilities.