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Logo3(19 Jun 2015)
A quick mail to express my thanks to the complete team for a wonderful week, with progress in dressage that I would have never imagined. Many thanks to Vivi for her patience and her excellent pedagogy, many thanks to Fernando for having taken care of us during the week, and many thanks to Jane, and the whole team for their kindness and sympathy. A special thank to Arco, Linum and Mimoso who were the real artists. I wish you all the best and a very long life to Epona. Hubert

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Logo3(28 Apr. 2015)
Thank You so much for an amazing week
My lessons, the beautiful horses and Your welcoming team were just amazing
I can't wait to return!

Logo3(22 Apr. 2015)

Happy does not even get close to the elation I felt during my stay and still feel remembering it. I had the most wonderful hosts.... The accommodation at the beautiful hotel is superb and the opportunity to spend the evenings together in Carmona enjoying tapas and friendship were unforgettable! My lessons with Vivi and Rafael were extraordinarily good... Such focussed and committed teachers... And the beautifully schooled horses were an absolute treat to ride. I can't recommend this opportunity highly enough! Thank you so much to Fernando, Jane, Vivi, Linnea, Falli, Rosaria and everyone else at
Epona for my amazing week! Of course now I can't wait to go back!

Leslie Young

Logo3(15 Apr. 2015) 

Dear Jane,
I can’t thank you enough for such a magical week at Epona. I was in heaven! Everything about the week far exceeded my expectations. The horses were stunning, the instruction superb, the hotel lovely and the entire Epona family the most delightful, kindest people ever. From the moment I arrived at the airport to a warm, generous welcome by Fernando I knew it was going to be a special week. I really felt so at home with all of you and absolutely can’t wait to come back!

Warmest regards,
Nita Upadhye

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Logo3Greetings Femando and Jane,

I want to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful holiday. I had an amazing time and enjoyed every second of my stay at Epona. Your whole family is so kind and showed us that Spain (and Columbian/Scottish) hospitality is beyond outstanding.

Katy and Vivi have warm smiles for everyone, willingness to share their expertise, and endless patience for we beginning riders. Jane, yor food was fantastic and now I'll have to diet to loose some pounds. Ferando, I'm enclosing a wonderful picture of you, and my sunflower picture that I shall treasure as a reminder of a great time.

Many thanks again,

Cate Critz (Stephanie)

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Logo3Dear Fernando, Jane, Caty and Vivi

Thank you so much for the most wonderful holiday.  My friend, Julia, and I enjoyed an amazing week with you and cannot wait for an opportunity to return before too long.  Our time with you exceeded expectations in every way from the delicious food to the beautiful accommodation, from the stunning horses to the glorious country side - and not forgetting the support, patience and kindness of everyone at Epona.  Fernando - I loved riding Diablo and Lucero!  I think you matched us well.

I knew I would enjoy a riding holiday but what you offer is so much more.  I didn't expect to return home with so much additional knowledge and experience to improve and enjoy my own horses even further.  It was great to hop straight on to Fly and put into practice the skills I learned at Epona. 

With love and very best wishes
Ann Purser

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Dear Jane! Dear Fernando!
Dear Cati! Dear Vivi!

We didn't have the chance to say goodbye - noone seemed to be awake when we left at about 9.30h and Fernando you probably brought Amanda to the airport!
Thank you so much for everything during the last two weeks!
We really enjoyed our stay with you, we loved your horses and the really professional lessons (Juan now ready for Olympia :-)), definitely we both learned a lot! Of course we also loved your delicious meals Jane - will really miss them being back in Germany.
Cati - muchas gracias por las clases de espanol - creo que tengo que volver para mejorar :-)!

Jane, maybe you can remember to send us some pictures of these dogs like 'Union'?! Maybe Juan's parents would be happy to 'adopt' one!

Thanks again and all the best!

Sorry this is so late getting to you, but wanted to say hello and thank you for a great week.

Vivi, I wanted to let you know that I’ve been practicing “the exercise” with my horse Wotan.  After a few unintended lead changes, Wotan and I are now able to do the entire exercise, although not with the same level of expression as your wonderful Bailarin – but we’re working on it!!

Thank you again for a wonderful week – I learned so much.  Both my horse and I are genuinely enjoying the positive effect that week had on my riding skills.

Hope all is well with everybody!

Paula Pottle

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I came to Epona in January for the Intensive Dressage Clinic with  Rafael. I learnt so much from both him and Caty, and I feel that my  riding at home has improved so much.
I would be very interested in coming back for your new programme - the week's dressage and work-in-hand.

Anita Quigley

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Logo3Hi Fernando and Jane

Now we are back to reality we thought we would let you know that we had a really great time at Epona. We were made to feel so welcome by you and your staff, the horses were great the food delicious and the trainning for the clinic spot on. Soto was every bit as good as you said he would be and we are very greatful you told us about him when were at Epona last June. If things do not get any worse on the economic front we hope to come back next year and possible both take part in the Soto clinic.


Margaret and Ian

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Logo3 Hi Jane: 
Many thanks to Fernando and Vivi for being such wonderful hosts today. Actually it was great to see you all. Michele and Ben were also very pleased to see what I had been talking about these past two years. The horses were beautiful. Talisman is a wonderful boy -- such a great disposition and coming along so nicely with Vivi's training. 
Stephen Smith

Logo3Hi Fernando, Jane, Caty, Vivi and Karin,
Thank you so much for making my holiday so enjoyable. I had the most marvellous time and can't wait to come back again!
Epona truly is the place where equestrian dreams come true!
I hope to start riding regularly again as I really want to improve before my next visit. Please give my sincere thanks to Karin for her patience with my ineptitude at times, she really is a first class instructor. Also to Fernando for making me feel so welcome and for being such great company, Jane for feeding me so well and her pomegranate cheesecake recipe and to Caty & Vivi for being so nice! 
I hope that there were some good photographs on the memory card, I took another 250 in Carmona! I have returned the damaged camera and now have a new and better one so am looking forward to experimenting with it! I am enrolling on a course in digital photography shortly so I hope that when I see you next I will not only be a more proficient rider but a better photographer too! 
Good Luck in pursuing the purchase of the new property in Jerez, please keep in touch if you ever have time and let me have your 2010 itinery when it becomes available.
Thanks again for everything.
With very best wishes,
Jan Ashford
Train & Trail 13-20 September 2009


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Logo3Dear Fernando, Jane, Kathy and Vivi, 

It was a pleasure meeting you all. Pascal told me that his favouritecountry is now Spain because Spain has good food and pretty girls! Hewas ever so impressed with the Flamingo performance.Regards,Christine

Christine Chou, Hong Kong

Logo3Many thanks to Fernando, Jane and Vivi for a week of inspiration, exceptional dressage training and Spanish culture! I hope our equestrian paths meet again.

Enjoy the video!

Logo3To everyone at Epona,

I want to thankyou all for the wonderful time I had at Epona last week. The Hacienda was fabulous and your horses are astonishing. It was horrible to leave as I felt you made everyone feel most welcome and you all treated us like friends.

Hi Fernando,

Thankyou for the wonderful Trail rides, Beach ride and our trips out. I was the least experienced rider of the group but you gave me Napoleon and Bailarin and they both looked after me very well. My Husband thought it funny that you nick-named me Nicole because she is so tall and slim and I am rather short and fat!! I looked at Fuego on you tube and he was amazing! When I got home I found something missing from my luggage - Roy. I was sure I'd packed him but he must have got out at the last minute. Probably just as well as he wouldn't have been happy here in rainy England, much better that he lives his happy life at Epona with all his friends.

Hi Jane,

Thankyou for the fabulous food. There were many things I have never eaten before but I was determined to try everything. I hope the 2 greyhounds made their trip to Germany safely and good luck for the grey dog's operation on Tuesday. PS. as soon as I got home I looked up "Ed being naughty" on you tube - it's hysterical! I've never laughed so much and when the pony lay down I laughed so hard I cried! I've linked it on my facebook page and all my friends agree it's brilliant.

Hi Vivi.

It was an honour to watch you training your Stallions, they are magnificent and you make many years of hard work look so effortless. They really are stunning animals.

Hi Caty,

A special thankyou for your patience in the dressage lessons. It was wonderful just to experience a few of the beautiful moves these horses are famous for. My next ride in England is on Thursday and I can't wait to try some of the things you taught me.

It's time to say goodbye, so onoe again, Thankyou all for everything and I am going to try to return in a year or 2.

Good luck with everything.


Wendy Roberts (Nicole)


Logo3 Dear Femando, Jane, Vivi and Kathy,

Thank you so much for the wonderfull week, it was really fantastic!

I enjoyed very much my first horseriding holiday and I feel honored to have had such great teachers and see and ride so beatiful horses ;) !

I think I can also speak for Rebecca, she was so happy to ride this beatiful stallion and we both enjoyed a lot our time in Spain, hard to come back to work ;)

We thank you very much,

wishing you a wonderful day,

Lilia & Rebecca

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