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Yearly Events


: March 20 - 27, 2016 :

In the spring the streets of Seville are fragrant with the perfume of orange blossom and incense. Amidst all this, takes place the most solemn and serious of the Sevillian celebrations: Semana Santa. 

It is a religious holiday, or rather, a Holy Week. Hundreds of different processions, with thousands of devoted Sevillians make their way through the cobbled streets, from every church, to the cathedral. After the blessing, they return to their respective temples, each one commemorating different episodes of the Passion of Jesus Christ. At the beginning of the week, lighter, more colourful processions, accompanied with religious band music. Towards the end, we have the silent, darker processions which commemorate the Crucifixion and Holy Burial. Everyone is silent, everyone mourns, the women wear elegant black dresses, topped with beautiful lace "mantillas". Here and there, the "saeta", (a solo flamenco song performed "a capella"). rise from the streets and balconies: an individual prayer for everyone to hear. Even if you are not Catholic, you will find this experience surprisingly moving. 


: Abril 12 - 17, 2016 :

After a week of penitence and prayer, the Sevillians are ready to move to a different beat. It is now time for celebration, the arrival of Spring in all its splendour! The days are filled with music, colour, horses and dancing. The feria week begins with the "Alumbrao', when hundreds of thousands of lights are lit. It is the "Fiesta" topic come to life. It is a time for friendship and happiness. Every day in the "Paseo de Caballos', you will see thousands of horses both driven and under the saddle parading on the streets of the feria. Everyone is there! The nights are filled with food, wine and Sevillanas Sevillanas (popular Andalusian dance). Early in the morning, you will see people going home for a couple of hours of sleep, after having the traditional breakfast: "Chocolate con Churros'. The feria is an experience created to delight all of the senses.

FERIA DEL CABALLO (Jerez Horse Fair)

: Abril/May. Datenot yet announced :

This is a smaller version of the Seville fair, but it's intimacy still manages to overflow with festive ambiance. Set in the city of Jerez, heart of the Sherry wine region, you need not wonder what you will be drinking along with the traditional Andalusian food. Jerez is also a city of horses, where the famous REAL ESCUELA ANDALUZA DEL ARTE ECUESTRE (Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art) has its home. In the "Paseo de Caballos" you will see why this feria is called "La feria del Caballo" (The Horse Fair). As well as horses ridden by men and women attired with typical costumes, you see the carriages, as every "bodega" or sherry brand has it's own. 


: June 26, 2016 :

There are over 2000 horses living in complete freedom in the marshlands of the Doñana Natural Park. Running wild, they share this space with cattle and wildlife, yet they belong to several families of the nearby village of Almonte, and have done for many generations. Every year, on the 27th of June, all these horses are rounded up and led into a large corral in the village, where they are identified by their owners. Some of the young stock need to be marked. Others, over three years old, will be sold, so that the population size of the herd can be controlled. All these horses are generally very strong and agile. It is well worth your while to watch this unforgettable event. Thousands of wild horses moving as a big herd through the streets of the village, being led, guided and driven by the local cowboys attired with their traditional outfits.

SICAB (Pre Event)

: November 15 - 21, 2015 end november/first week in december 2016 (to be confirmed) :

image 223244 jpeg 800x600 q85 At the end of the year, Seville is the host of the most important showcase in the world for Andalusian horses. It is the gathering of all the great Andalusian breeders from Spain and also from abroad. Where will you see better Andalusians than in the capital of Andalusia. Stallions, mares and young stock may be admired throughout all the events programmed during the week, including Morphology, Dressage, Spanish High School, Showjumping, Spanish Vaquera Style, Carriage Driving and a spectacular show in the evenings, designed to demonstrate the beauty and versatility of the Andalusian Horse.