INICIO, EPONA - Equestrian Center

Useful tips

Travel Light:

We often feel so sorry for people who arrive to commence their holiday tired out, having had to lug a huge suitcase around airports and train stations. The dress at Epona is very casual, even for the visits, jeans and T-shirts or a summery dress, are fine. For emergencies at the hotel you would find laundry service.

Riding kit:

In Spring, Autumn and especially in the summer months, it can get very hot, so to avoid feeling sweaty and sticky all the time, try to choose natural fabrics, especially cotton. There are many fantastic new products on the market, including full cotton seamless underwear, which is a blessing for the trail rides. Don't forget about fine cotton socks, too.


Of course, nothing beats the comfort and protection that proper cotton breeches or jodhpurs afford for riding, but if you don't intend to ride much after your holiday, you can get by with cotton tracksuit bottoms or leggings.


Should be fairly fitting, and it is better to have at least half sleeves for protection to the shoulders against sunburn or low hanging branches on the trail rides. Even in the summer, they are just as cool and for the ladies, are much more "supportive" and comfortable so you can concentrate on learning in your classes. If you come in winter, it's good to bring tops you can wear in layers, T-shirts, sweatshirts and vests. Sometimes it is quite cold and suddenly it gets hot, so it's good to be able to add or subtract quickly.


This is obligatory by law in Spain, though not always put into practice, but here in Epona the safety of our guests is our first priority, so it is mandatory for all riding. Light colours reflect the sun and keep your head cooler and cooling vents are a huge plus when riding in hot conditions. Also, some helmets come with a detachable net lining, which can be rinsed out every day... Fantastic! We do have a few helmets out, but it is preferable for each person to have his/her own, as a good fit is essential. If you are buying a new helmet, do try various different trademarks and models as they come in different shapes and you should find the one which fits the shape of your head.


Short jodhpur or paddock boots are the best option as they are much cooler and easier to transport, but if you are serious about your riding, we recommend that you use half-chaps along with them. If you do not have riding boots and do not want to go to the expense of buying some, you must bring string shoes or boots with a small, 1cm heel and no buckles. Please note, sneakers, canvas shoes or sandals are NOT acceptable, even for beginners.


We recommend you wear gloves at least for the classes. We will be teaching you to ride a horse correctly on the bit which requires a good contact, and if you are not accustomed to this, plus the warmer conditions, blisters can develop on the first day, which will definitely spoil your enjoyment of the riding for the rest of the week.


It doesn't matter what time of the year you choose (though obviously summer is the worst season), you will probably experience more insects, especially flies, than you are accustomed to at home. The horses and we are used to them, but they can be bothersome when riding, so we recommend you bring along some insect repellent for yourself.

Sun block:

Even during the winter months, the sunrays can be quite strong and riding out it is easy to get burnt without noticing. You should look for a total sun block, or at least factor 30+. You will still get tanned; it's just safer and recommended by dermatologists in this part of the world.


A bum bag (fanny pack), is a useful item to pack, as you can carry your camera, sun block, lip salve, and other bits and pieces out on the trail rides.


Seville is not a particularly rainy region, but when it does rain, it doesn't prevent us riding, even in winter. However, if you come in winter, autumn or spring, a light shower jacket (the kind you can fold up into a little ball) would be sufficient, just in case.


The electricity in Spain is 220v, and the plugs are two point, round pin, so if you bring along electrical appliances - including mobile phone chargers, don't forget to add an appropriate adaptor. You will be able to obtain an appropriate one for Europe in your own country and at most airports, regretfully, we cannot obtain provide them here.

Spare Batteries for cameras

Flash light

If you take regular medication bring an adequate supply

Travelers' cheques and cash dollars are not often accepted 

Electrical adapters