INICIO, EPONA - Equestrian Center

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How safe is it at Epona?

Riding horses is an activity which always poses some risk.  An incident could even occur in your own back yard. At Epona, being a British Horse Society approved centre, safety is a prime consideration. With excellent horses and staff, every measure has been taken to maximize your safety during the holiday. However, we strongly recommend that you should have adequate medical/accident insurance cover.

2. Is recommended to purchase a Travel Protection Insurance?

Yes, we definitely suggest strongly that you should buy a Travel Protection Insurance. It will cover you for cancellations, the loss or damage to your baggage and the need for emergency medical assistance.

3. How do I reserve my holiday? And how far in advance should I book?

To make an initial reservation you can call us, or send an email. The number of participants in a holiday is always limited, so advance booking will allow you to select the date of your choice.

4. When will I receive a confirmation?

We require a 20% of the total holiday cost to confirm the reservation of your place. At this time we will issue an invoice as confimration from our end. The balance of the cost falls due eight weeks before the start date for the holiday. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or paypal. All funds are payable in euros.

Please refer to the booking conditions.

5. How expensive are the Riding Holidays?

Not very, if you consider that almost all the costs are inclusive, and when you compare prices to a beach holiday. Even if you are travelling alone, "horse riding" will give you the opportunity to connect with the people and the land in a very special way. Some places that you will see are only accessible by horse. So, you will experience a lot more than a typical tourist. And you will meet "Horse people" from all over the world, making new friends.

6. I used to ride a lot, years ago. I think that now I am a bit rusty.

Some holidays are designed only for experienced riders. At Epona we welcome also the less experienced riders, the ones that have lost confidence, or complete beginners that have never been on a horse.

7. What are the ages of most riders?

Most of the participants are adults, from age 25 to 70. We welcome some children but on specific programs, depending on age and ability.

8. Should I tip?

Members of staff would appreciate a tip in range of 10%. You can leave the gratuity with one of the directors to be distributed among the staff.

9. I've been on a riding holiday before, and the horses were slow, old, badly treated. (Or all of these)

At Epona, our horses are well fed, groomed and cared for. They are all safe and treated with respect.

10. What about if my partner, he or she, doesn't ride?

Some of our programmes are suitable for beginners or novice riders, however, if your partner doesn't want to ride, then we can offer things to do, such as: walking, swimming, sightseeing, golfing, flamenco or Spanish language lessons, as optional activities.

We offer reduced rates for "non riders".

11. What is the likely group size?

The group size can be anything from one person up to a maximum of 12 riders. (Although a group size this large is rare). It is not possible to guarantee who else will be in your riding group, because there can be last minute bookings or cancelations, which change the size of the group.

12. Can I go my own?

Sometimes the programme may be confirmed with only one person. On others you would join a group of riders from all over the world, but with one thing in common: a love for horses. There is no single supplement if you are willing to share a room with one other same-sex person.