INICIO, EPONA - Equestrian Center

History of the Center


fernando garciaFernando and Jane Garcia own the Hacienda and will be running your Riding Holiday, with help from Caty and Vivi, their daughters, and the rest of the Epona team.

Fernando is a Spanish citizen born in Guatemala. He has lived in various countries such as Italy, Mexico (where he completed his University studies as an architect), Los Angeles (U.S.A.), Colombia and finally Spain. Jane was born in Scotland, and moved to Colombia where she worked  as a schoolteacher and in the British Consulate. There, Jane and Fernando met, married and had their two daughters. They both have life long experience with horses, as Fernando grew up riding on his farm in Guatemala and competed successfully in show jumping as young man; Jane started riding aged 10 in the local riding school where she worked in exchange for rides. They lived together in Colombia for 8 years where they taught riding and bred horses.

The Garcia Family moved to Spain in 1982 and after three years looking for ideal spot, they finally bought the 500 hundred year old Hacienda "Los Nietos", which they renamed "EPONA".

Fernando and Jane slowly began to renovate, buy horses, etc., while Caty and Vivi grew up immersed in the building of the business and became competitive riders winning prizes in pony competitions first and then in dressage and show jumping. Now they both work at Epona teaching and training horses.

The British Horse Society Award

2005 was an emblematic year for the EPONA Equestrian Center. After 20 years of consistent family activity, doing things in the best way posssible, with effort, enthusiasm and professionalism, Epona celebrated its 20th anniversary, and of one the most recent greatest satisfactions was that Jane Garcia was honored to recive the B.H.S. Overseas Award. This is the first time that this award is presented to a center outside of the United Kingdom.

HON, ROBIN COOK ESQ. M. P. and Former UK Minister of Foreign Affairs, presenting the award to Mrs. Jane W. Garcia.

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30th Anniversary


16th August


Four horses and two ponies, an old hacienda with urgent need of renovation, two little darling daughters and lots and lots of enthusiasm.


16th August


The ship continues to sail forward and safe. Deep gratitude to our horses, all members of staff, but especially to the hundreds of guests who have visited us during these long years.

30 aniversario

History of the Name Epona
name EPONA

The Garcia Family decided to name their equestrian center "EPONA", after discarding a long list of names related to horses. By chance, reading a book about the Ancient Celts and their mythology, they found out that EPONA was a goddess protector of horses, represented by a white mare.

Since Jane is native of Scotland, and Ferando descends directly from an Asturian Family, both Celtic Regions, they both agreed that EPONA would be the perfect name.

And therefore, later, when Fernando designed the Epona emblem and logo, we decided to include a white mare floating in a deep blue sky.

Cervantes Plaque

The Tourist Office of Carmona has authorised Epona to display this plaque conmemorating the visit to the Hacienda of the one most famous writers in the world, and creator of Don Quixote.

Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was a Royal Tax collection Agent for the king's Navy, and was appointed to Carmona county during year 1590, when he visited this Hacienda.