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Greyhound Rescue

grey1Greyhounds in many countries are often treated in a cruel way, as if they were running machines which become disposable when they are not fast enough. In most countries they are bred and used for racing, but here, the Spanish Greyhounds (called GALGOS) are used for hare-coursing. Apart from the mistreatment and cruelty to which many are subjected by their owners, tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands are abandoned to their fate in fields or by roadsides, if their hunting qualities are not up to scratch. See more or

Living in the centre of a huge hunting area, we could not ignore their plight, and on a private basis, began to rescue, treat and prepare galgos for adoption in other countries.
Some dogs arrive at Epona in terrible conditions. Lots of them are wounded, some even have broken bones. They are usually very weak and thin, having been wandering for weeks, even months and a lot of them are timid and afraid of humans, showing clear signs of mistreatment.

Once the Greyhounds arrive at Epona, Jane takes care of them and prepares them for adoption. The dogs need to be cured from wounds and fractures, then micro-chipped, wormed, vaccinated and finally sterilized. After some months of proper feeding and lots of TLC, the dogs are quite changed, physically and mentally. It is amazing how affectionate and friendly they become after having been mistreated for most of their lives.
We do not receive any kind of funding, but we do receive assistance and cooperation in finding homes from associations such as Greyhounds in Need UK; Galgos in Not, Germany; Greyhound Rescue Belgium and SOS Galgos Denmark, for which we are profoundly grateful. To date, over the past 12 years, we have saved more than three hundred dogs.

We would also like to thank all the wonderful families who have decided to adopt the Greyhounds and for giving them a new life full of love and care, something they had never known.

Greyhounds make amazing pets. Once they learn to trust humans again, they become extremely friendly and affectionate, very loyal to their owners. They are very clean inside the house and need a lot less exercise than most people think. If you want to make a galgo happy, just give them a cosy bed.

If you are interested in adopting a Galgo, please get in touch with Jane Garcia. If you cannot adopt but would like to help, please consider sponsoring one of our rescue dogs, or making a donation. If you are travelling from Germany and would like to help, let us know, as dogs could travel back with you (at no extra cost of course).