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Dear Friends.....
We wish you a very happy, successful and horse-filled 2014!
We would absolutely love to see you this year at Epona - we have some new school horses as well as your favourites, our new instructor Christina, and some exciting news to share with you below....
Wishing you health and happiness from us all,
Warmest regards,  
Fernando, Jane, Caty, Vivi, our staff, and all the horses
Epona Equestrian Center

The big news that we have from 2013, is the whirlwind romance and marriage of Caty, our chief instructor and Jane and Fernando's eldest daughter.

It is a popular opinion that holiday romances never come to anything, but this story will show how wrong skeptics can be!

Marco Viarenghi had had a very busy year at the international Italian manufacturing company where he works as Chief Financial and Human Resources Officer. He decided to use the few days that he was able to take off in early July 2012, clearing his mind, by practicing what he enjoys doing most in his spare time; ....riding horses and improving his dressage skills, and, preferably far enough away to be able to "switch off" completely.

He never imagined when he boarded the plane from his native Milan, (where he started riding at an early age in the Riding School of the Italian Cavalry, in which his father was a general), that he would be bringing back, not only his suitcase, but the firm resolve to return to Sevilla with alacrity to win the heart of the young woman who had helped him to achieve his week's objectives.

Although Marco and Caty did not spend a great deal of time alone together during that week, by the end of it, in their heart of hearts, both knew that they had met their soulmate.

In just over a year of travelling back and forth, as often as possible, for both of them, on October 4th 2013, Marco finally carried off his new bride to Milan to start their journey into married life.

Despite the fact that he whisked away our daughter, which also necessitated a rapid, frenetic search to find a replacing and equally talented instructor, we are delighted to welcome Marco into our family. He may not be an officer, like his father, but he is certainly a gentleman and we are proud to call him our son-in-law.



We all at Epona, wish to take this opportunity of officially congratulating our dear friend and collaborator, Rafael Soto Andrade, on his recent appointment as trainer of the Spanish National Dressage team for the upcoming World Equestrian Games in Caen, France. Having first-hand knowledge of his great capacity to train and improve riders of all levels, from novice to advanced, with proficiency and attention to detail, and considering his personal multiple successes riding at International level, we consider him an excellent choice and have no doubt that the Spanish team will reap the benefits of his expertise and continue to shine in dressage at world-class level.

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Sadly, at the same time we feel that we should mention the passing of his magnificent partner in many of his achievements. The outstanding PRE, Invasor II, died on the 22nd December 2013 of natural causes at the age of twenty-four, a good age for a top level competition horse and also considering the various operations for foot problems and tumours that he had had to undergo. He had not been ill at all and his bed was undisturbed when he was found in the morning, so, it seems, he just drifted away, without pain.

Those of you who were lucky enough to meet him in person will treasure the memory of the kind and noble expression in his liquid brown eyes. This majestic gentle giant was totally unaware that he was the PRE who acquired most achievements in Dressage in the history of the breed giving hope to all the PRE breeders and enthusiasts that there is definitely a place for them in top competition, rubbing shoulders with the mighty warmbloods. He participated in three Olympic Games, travelling to three different continents, as well as three World Equestrian Games and four European Championships. The culmination of his career was the Dressage Silver Team medal and an Individual Olympic Diploma in Athens, 2004.


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New (iPhone friendly) website

We have updated our website - all 97 pages of it - to HTML, so it is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Mac and PC. You can now look at the website and contact us on the go!
Rafael Soto clinic dates for early 2014
 9-16 February       9-16 March
Jane's Recipe




750 gms. Potatoes 

4 Eggs

1 Onion Olive Oil

Salt and a pinch pepper



1. Peel and dice or thinly slice the potatoes

2. Slice the onion and add to the potatoes

3. Fry potatoes and onion slowly in abundant olive oil until very soft. You can mash the potatoes a little as they are cooking

4. Remove the potatoes from the oil, or drain and reserve the oil. You can use this oil for other dishes as it is clean.

5. Set the mixture aside, until cool. You can fry the potatoes and onion well in advance as it doesn't matter if it is cold.

6. To make the omelette (tortilla), lighter, I separate the eggs and beat up first the white, then the yolks to which I add the seasoning, then mix them together. However, you can just beat up the eggs together. 

7. Heat a little bit of the left over olive oil until it is hot (just starts to smoke) 



8. Meanwhile, mix up the eggs and potatoes, and add to the frying pan. The best frying pan is non-stick and of a size that the egg mixture fills up to the top, otherwise the turning is more complicated.

9. Cook on a medium heat and shake to pan occasionally to move the mixture away from the sides, but do not stir. Prick the mixture in a few places with a skewer and cover with a lid. Fry for about 5 - 6 minutes

10. When the mixture falls away easily from the sides and the underside is beginning to brown, cover the pan with a flat plate and turn out of the pan onto the plate, then carefully slide into the pan upside down. This takes practice and should be done quickly but carefully. (For the first few times, and from experience, it should be done over the sink, and you are quite likely to lose half of it, but the Spanish ladies are adept and don't spill a drop). Return the pan to the heat, and prick the new top which should be golden brown.

11. Cover again and fry the underside for the same time, again shaking the pan to move the omelette away from the sides.

12. Turn again on to the first side and this time it will be easy. Fry for just a couple of minutes to cook any raw egg which might have landed on that side the first time it was turned.

13. Turn on to a clean plate or tray.

Note: 1. Some people don't use the onion, but I think it makes the omelette much moister.

2. You can add a variety of ingredients, like vegetables (peas, red pepper, green pepper , lima beans etc.) or serrano ham, chorizo, or a mixture of any, which are fried along with the potato

3. Another variation is to add a little garlic.