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Film stars!
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Dear Friends,

EPONA is proud and pleased to introduce our new Andalusian stallion: "CARIBEÑO". He is an excellent schoolmaster, and a registered P.R.E.



He performs all the high school movements such as: lateral exercises, piaffe and passage, spanish walk, pirouettes, tempi changes,  etc., and additionally, and most importantly, he has a loving temperament.


Very soon, he will start to work with our guests in the higher level lessons.  He's a real pleasure to ride!


We hope to see you soon!


Warmest regards,  
Fernando, Jane, Caty, Vivi, our staff, and all the horses
Epona Equestrian Center
Film stars!


Andres the film star
Andres, our groom-slash-filmstar on Dardo!
Next time you visit Epona, be sure to get your picture taken with one or all of our little movie stars!!!
Some of you might already know them: Diablo, Napoleón, Tamboril, Dardo and Aladin...
At the end of April, Epona was approached by a very important production company, who were preparing the filming of the very ambitious co-production " Libertador" ( Spain, Venezuela, Germany and U.S.). The film will portray the life of Simón Bolívar, an historical figure who played a key part in the independance of several South American countries: Venezuela (his country of origin), Colombia, Bolivia, Perú and Ecuador...You could call him something like the South American "Braveheart", and the territories conquered by his military epic were more than twice the extension of those conquered by Alexander the Great.. The film is set to open in the late spring of 2013, and promises to be an exciting account of historical facts, filled with adventure, betrayal, honour, courage, passion and romance, while at the same time trying to show the human side of Bolívar, the person behind the ambitious General...The music will be written by Gustavo Dudamel, a young and talented composer, director and musician, well known for his achievements with the Venezuelan Youth (Bolívar) Orchestra, who was invited to perform internationally with great success...He is currently the Director of the L.A. Philarmonic Orchestra, and won a Grammy for directing them when they performed The Brahms 4th Symphony. 
The Film Director is the venezuelan Alberto Arévalo ( "Una casa con vistas al Mar")
The main character will come back to life through the performance of venezuelan actor Edgar Ramírez, who has participated in several international films, such as "Carlos" and "The Bourne Ultimatum"
Tamboril, our grey gelding, with Napoleon in the background

The film was produced by one of the most important names in the spanish film industry, Luis Escolar and by the acclaimed Spanish film director Alejandro Amenábar, who directed the very successful " The Others" "The Sea Inside" and "Ágora"...
With an International production spanning between South América and several locations in Spain, filming took place in more than 100 different sets and worked with more than 10.000 extras.
Other important names who took part in the production are Tariq Anwar for the Editing ("The King's Speach"), Production Designer Paul Austerberry ( " Twilight"), Photography by Xavi Giménez ( " Ágora") and Costumes by Sonia Grande ( " Midnight in Paris")...
The film is set to have a very important international distrubution, and was filmed in Spanish, English and French... 
When casting the horses for the film, they were searching for ones who could pass for " criollos", or creole type, the breed most commonly found in Southamerica in the times of Bolívar.
Also cast as a rider for one of the scenes, was our Bolivian groom Andrés, whom some of you may have met here...
Caty was fortunate enough to be hired as a wrangler for the days of the shoot when our horses were required. Once the South American leg of the production was completed, filming in Spain began, moving on to several different locations which included three towns in the province of Seville: Dos Hermanas, Alcalá de Guadaira, and the longest in....Carmona!!!, where the whole crew stayed for over a week. Carmona will be doubling as a town in Colombia, and the scenes portayed will be the triumphant arrival of Bolívar's army, and in the evening a grand celebration in the main square... Some of the filming also took place in the interior of one of the Convents, and the scenes depicted are of Bolívar and his men, posted in an abandoned edification...
Aladino (center) ridden by a rider from the Jerez School of Equestrian Art

Being a part of the crew gave Caty the chance to fulfill one of her dreams...having almost unlimited access to all areas during her participation in the filming!!!
She worked directly under the guidance of the horse master for this production, Luis Miguel Arranz... One of the most important stuntmen in Spain, he has worked on major productions, both Spanish and International ( "Narnia", "Alexander", "Hidalgo", "Asterix and Obelix"...to name a few). 
She also had the chance to meet a couple of the actors: Daniel Isaac, who had completed his role and was happy to hang around the horses...
And Gary Lewis, the scottish actor who played the part of the main character's father in the film" Billy Elliot"... He was extremely kind and charming, and was very surprised, and almost relieved, to hear a Scottish accent in the very hot set of Dos Hermanas ( near Seville)...!!!
Back to the real stars, on the first day, Diablo was very helpful when trying to get all the horses to the exact filming location... His colaboration as a professional leader made it possible to get all the other horses down a bank that apparently seemed very scary to them...Once Diablo led the way, the rest were happy to follow... Diablo will possibly be getting a close up, as he was ridden by one of the actors in another scene, when the shoot was moved to Carmona...
Another one who we will be able to see very well is Dardo, being positioned right behind the main actor's horse in another scene...
They all behaved like super-stars!!! Caty loved the experience, and cannot wait for the film to open...
We will be seeing it for sure. And if any of you have the chance...Don't miss it!!!!!

Thanks Jamie!
Jamie with Mimoso
Jamie cuddling with Mimoso


Jamie Jennings, host of the online radio show,

"Horses in the Morning," was able to visit us at Epona.


She said, "I fell in love with Epona the moment Fernando drove us through the gates. I fell in love a little more as I saw the land, the horses, had some amazing trail rides and fantastic instruction." 


During her stay at Epona, Jamie had the opportunity to ride Seneca, Naranjero, Habanero, and Deseado. You can hear all about her adventures here at Epona, her interviews with Olympic silver medalist Rafael Soto, and our very own Vivi Garcia, on her daily live radio show--search for it on the website www.horsesinthemorning.com. 


 You can see pictures and videos by following the show on facebook--search for "Horses in the Morning." 

Rafael Soto clinic dates for 2012 and 2013:
11-17 November SOLD OUT         25-30 November 2 PLACES      9-14 December 1 PLACE
10-15 February 2 PLACES       10-15 March 5 PLACES
Jane's Recipe

This is a special request from our lovely guest Janet Tornelli from Texas. It is hugely popular in Spain and is often kept in the fridge and drunk as a refreshment instead of soft drinks or water in the Summer because it is so refreshing!


2K very ripe tomatoes

1 medium cucumber

1 red bell pepper

Salt (to taste but usually about one tablespoon)

Pinch ground pepper

1 clove garlic

Juice of ½ lemon

1 Tablespoon vinegar

Olive oil to taste but usually about ½ cup

2 slice bread (or half a Vienna loaf)


Skin the tomatoes by sitting in boiling water for 30 seconds then peeling.

Meanwhile soak the bread in a little water, just enough to cover.

Deseed them and chop roughly. Place in a bowl, (or liquidizer/mixer cup).

Chop garlic and red pepper roughly and add.

Peel the cucumber, cut into chunks and add.

Add all other ingredients except the soaked bread.

Liquidize with a hand blender or mixer

Add bread and water and blend again until smooth

Serve very chilled accompanied with finely chopped vegetables (cucumber, onion, red or green pepper etc.), chopped boiled eggs and cubes of Serrano or parma ham.

If you prefer the gazpacho to have a less thick texture, add more water, or a few ice cubes.




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