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Odiel - our new horse
Half price holiday
Lucky number seven!
SICAB 2011
Soto clinic dates for 2012
Jane's recipe

Dear Friends,

We hope you have had a great year and we are really looking forward to catching up with more of you in 2012; in this newsletter we would like to remind you of the special promotion we have on offer over the 'winter' - it's December, blue skies, sunshine, and 20C / 68F at the moment! Jane has also provided a very delicious soup recipe to keep us all warm, and we have news of our beautiful new horse!

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Warmest regards,  
Fernando, Jane, Caty, Vivi, our staff, and all the horses
Epona Equestrian Center
Odiel - our new horse odiel

In the last week of October we made a special purchase; a four-year-old dun Andalusian colt who we have named Odiel. Odiel comes from the province of Huelva and we named him after one of the main rivers that run through this region. He is strikingly pretty, and while still young he has a very nice nature and real presence. He has just been gelded and Vivi will now start training him - we think he is going to be a sta
Reminder about our Half-Price Holiday offer
We know times
 are a little tough financially for everyone, and so the Epona team would like to encourage you and/or your friends to (re)visit us; enjoy a holiday, work on your riding skills and soak up the Spanish sun!   
From the beginning of December this year through to the end of February 2012, we are offering a very special holiday rate to you - book a holiday for 2 people and the second person pays half price. Please email us for details. 
Winter is such a nice time to visit Seville; we still get plenty of sun, the dust has settled, the nights are cool and you don't get so hot while riding! We can also organise your programmes around any rainfall we may have while you're here. We would love to see you this winter!
Lucky number seven

horse dice
At the beginning of December, Darlene and Dave Vaughan from Lander, Wyoming, came to stay with us for the seventh time! Darlene kindly wrote the below words and we'd like to share them with you...


"Seven has always been my lucky number! This year it was luckier than ever with my seventh visit to Epona.  Fernando, Jane, Caty, Vivi, all the horses and dogs were waiting for my husband, Dave and I with open arms, hooves and paws.  We had a great visit with delicious food, conversations and new places to visit.  But of course the highlights of Epona are the wonderful Spanish horses!  My lessons were inspiring. (Thank you Caty, Vivi, Seneca and Manue.) I also spent hours watching horses there for training or 

Darlene and Dave
Dave, Darlene and 'Manue' after an in-hand lesson

the beautiful horses for sale to a new lucky owner. 

If you haven't been to Epona for a while or if you have never had the opportunity to go, now is the time to add this trip to your "bucket list". It is an experience you'll never forget and one that needs to be repeated!"


Thanks Darlene! We are so glad you enjoyed your visit and are already looking forward to seeing you again. If anyone has any pictures or comments you would be happy to share with us and the Epona extended family who read these newsletters, we would love to hear from you too!


Every November since 1991, Seville has been holding the Salon International del Caballo de Pura Raza Español (SICAB), the most important single-theme trade fair in the world - and it´s all about the beautiful Spanish horse!


SICAB is the grand final for the Spanish National Championships for PRE Stallions and Mares. To participate in this final, a horse must have qualified at one of the qualifying contests, held throughout the year and at a number of geographical locations in Spain.  


In addition, each evening an exhibition is performed in the main arena; this year (as always) the Epona guests, staff and family went to see the show, which included some magnificent horses flown in from Argentina, complete with very talented indiginous riders, a vaulting and jousting performance from some fearless Frenchmen, and an in-hand performance by the Jerez school of Equestrian Art. 

Rafael Soto clinic dates for beginning of 2012:
12-19 February 2012              18-25 March 2012
Cream of Squash Soup

Butternut squash soupThis is a real winter treat for cold nights; even though the days are still sunny and warm here it´s always nice to cosy up with Jane´s delicious soup! 

750 gms. Butternut Squash   
150 gms. Carrot
100 gms. Onion
100gms. Potato
1 stick Celery 
1 medium leek

1 Tables. Fresh chopped coriander or 1 Teasp. dried

1 Tables. Fresh grated ginger or 1 teasp. dried
1½ Litres Vegetable Stock
500 cc (½ Litre) Milk
100cc Single Cream
50 gms butter
Salt and Pepper

(Optional) 3 triangles of processed cheese





Peel the squash, carrot and potato and skin the onion and leek, washing the inside of the leek carefully to remove grit.  

Scrub the celery and remove the leaves.

Dice the squash, carrot and potato and slice the onion, leek and celery.

Sauté the vegetables lightly in the butter, but do not brown.

Add the vegetable stock. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 20 minutes until all the vegetables are soft.

Add the coriander, ginger and cheese (if used) and make a purée with a blender.

Add the milk and bring back to the boil. Season to taste.

Remove from the heat and let cool a little. Stir in the cream. Serve hot.

If the soup gets too cold, heat slowly, but do not allow to boil after the cream has been added.
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