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What is classical dressage

From it's origins in Ancient Greece with Xenophon, until the present times embodied in the four European Schools of Equestrian Art, Classical Dressage has evolved into different styles, but always maintaining the same goals: To achieve beauty and perfection in the performance of dressage and High School movements, only possible through harmony, balance and complete communication with the horse.

XENOPHONXENOPHON Classical Dressage went beyond admiring the rider for his courage and skill as a soldier and gradually started to appreciate other talents such as feeling and sensitivity elevating horsemanship to a new level: horses began to "dance" and Dressage gained the status of a new form of Art. Comparable to Ballet, it requires the technique and strength of an athlete, but also the sense of feeling and aesthetics which, when performed correctly will succeed in moving the spectator. At Epona we have horses and instructors prepared to cater for guests of all levels, from complete beginners to advanced riders. Groups are formed so as to keep the levels similar and usually are of 2 to 4 riders.

Classical Dressage Miniature painting Epona Art CollectionClassical Dressage Miniature painting Epona Art CollectionThe excellent facilities including a large covered school, will make your lessons more enjoyable. The Epona instructors are qualified by the British Horse Society, the Association of British Riding Schools and the Spanish Equestrian Federation which means that they are trained to always have the horse and rider's safety at heart. Over the years, the knowledge gathered (having trained in Dressage under many masters of various nationalities) has allowed them to form their own training and teaching techniques, which keep the pupils' learning and enjoyment is the main priority, as well as safety and the horse's wellbeing. Their aim is to pass on the knowledge acquired, keeping in mind the principles and objectives of Classical Dressage. Beginners will benefit hugely from the lessons because, although things are kept simple, you know that your basic skills will be correct and solid, enabling you to pursue  whichever discipline you choose down the road. At a more basic level, lessons will focus on the rider's balance, seat, position and control, while at the same time gaining confidence in the three basic gaits, walk, trot and canter.